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    The camping cheque is a nominative exchange voucher sold at the price of €16 (in 2014). It entitles to a one night stay for 2 people in one of 640 campsites affiliated to the Camping Cheque network with a standard pitch for 1 trailer + vehicle or 1 motor home or 1 tent with 6A electricity (5kw / day maximum), hot showers included + a dog where accepted.

    The Camping Cheques are available in the form of paper or digital vouchers, the digital ones can be credited either on:

    - Camping Cheque « Silver Card »: this card is valid for life and costs €6 (excluding shipping costs). It allows its holder to pay for his nights on campsites affiliated to the Camping Cheque and Holiday Cheque networks. Cheques loaded on this card are valid for 2 calendar years.

    - Camping Cheque « Gold Card »: this Premium card is available through a renewable 3-year subscription (€45). It is a mean of payment on the campsites affiliated to the Camping Cheque and Holiday Cheque networks. It entitles the holder, during the subscription period, to several privileges, services and advantages: the loaded cheques are valid for four calendar years, three annual site directories, and nine issues of the 3 Seasons magazine, 50% off the loading fees, a dedicated phone line and special offers at affiliated campsites.


    The « paper » camping cheques or the digital camping cheques loaded on your Silver Card have a validity period of two calendar years. Those purchased in 2014 must therefore be used between 1st January 2014 and 31st December 2015.
    For holders of the Camping Cheque Gold Card, the digital camping cheques loaded on their card have a validity period of 4 calendar years. Purchased in 2014, they must be used between 1st January 2014 and 31st December 2017.


    Each year, the list of affiliated campsites and Top Camping evolves. The site directory "Camping Cheque Europe" of the year formalises the list of campsites accepting the Camping Cheque concept and updates the information on campsites, including opening and acceptance dates.

    Please note: some campsites join the network during the season, after the publication of the site directory. They are then integrated to the complete list of affiliated campsites on the Camping Cheque website and mobile application, whose update is carried outregularly.


    A Camping Cheque is a non-transferable voucher which you can only purchase from an approved retailer. It may not be transferred or passed on to other users, particularly on a campsite which, in some cases, would be entitled to refuse to accept them.


    - A paper Camping Cheque cannot be exchanged or refunded if lost or stolen.

    - If your Gold Card or Silver Card is lost or stolen, contact the emergency hotline as soon as possible on 00 333 59 59 03 59 from anywhere in Europe or on 0825 740730 (€0.15/min from France), open Monday to Friday 9am to 7pm, in order to inactivate the card and prevent any fraudulent use of your Camping Cheques. We will replace your card and restore all Camping Cheques registered on it at the time that it was stopped. Renewal and postage costs

    = €10. The only exception to this is that the first renewal is free for Gold Card holders only


    International Camping Cheque payment cards are specifically designed for the range of holiday schemes available through the SAS KAWAN GROUP. They can be used either to pay for overnight stays on Camping Cheque campsites or to book a Holiday Cheque accommodation.

    They are used in a similar way to an electronic wallet, allowing the card to be credited and topped up safely with virtual Camping Cheques.

    Before any payment, the card holder is responsible for ensuring that the account associated with the card has a sufficient available balance for the payment.

    The Silver Card has no expiry date but the digital Camping Cheques loaded onto the card expire after a certain period. These are valid for 2 calendar years.

    The Gold Card is subscribed for a period of 3 consecutive years and can be renewed. During the subscription period, it gives additional privileges and advantages to Gold Card customers.

    As a means of payment, the Gold Card continues to function as long as the Camping Cheques are valid.


    In accordance with article 5 sub-paragraph 4 of the European directive on package travel, “the consumer must communicate any failure in the performance of a contract which he perceives on the spot ... at the earliest opportunity”. If you encounter the slightest difficulty on the campsites in our network, we advise you to contact us while you are on the campsite so that we can intervene to resolve the misunderstanding immediately. You can contact the Central European Camping Cheque Office (Monday to Friday, 9am to 7pm and Saturday 9am to 5pm):

    1. By telephone: on 00 333 59 59 03 59 from anywhere in Europe and on 0825 740 730 from France (€0.15/minute).

    2. By fax: on + 33 (0)3 85 48 72 83

    3. Email:


    Paper and digital Camping Cheques can be used for the rental of pitches in the Camping Cheque network.Only digital Camping Cheques can be used for accommodation in rentals (mobile home, apartment, etc.) in the Holiday Cheque network.

    Valid only for digital Camping Cheques: If you cannot personally benefit from them, we suggest you transfer them to a third party, free of charge, upon request (by internet or by phone).The forwarded cheques will retain their initial validity period.

    If you still want a refund of your cheques, only the camping cheques currently valid are exchangeable, with a charge of 25% of the total amount of refunded cheques.

    Two reasons for refund are accepted:

    1. Death of the bearer of the cheques or of their partner or spouse. The refund request must be accompanied by a death certificate and for the spouse of an extract of the “Livret de famille” (official family record book).

    2. Disability of the holder or their spouse. The refund request must be accompanied by a medical certificate justifying the disability and the inability to stay in one of the campsites of the Camping Cheque network. 



    The paper camping cheques and those loaded on a Silver Card can be exchanged, once only, and their validity period can be extended for 1 further year.

    As from January 1st, 2014 until April 30th, 2014 (inclusive), the Camping Cheques issued in 2012 and whose date of validity expires on December 31st, 2013 may be exchanged against cheques valid until December 31st, 2014. Beyond April 30th, 2014, the exchange is no longer possible.

    The exchange processing fees are of €15 per request.

    For any exchange or refund request, it is necessary to log in under the heading « My Account » over the Internet (; if you do not have a personal account yet, 5 minutes are sufficient to create one.

    A form with online payment of the various fees is available under the heading « My Account ».

    In case of exchange or refund of paper camping cheques, once the fees have been paid, simply print out the fully completed form and attach the invoice of the paid fees with the relevant documents by recorded delivery with acknowledgment of receipt at the following address: Camping Cheque Bureau central européen, Domaine Saoneor, Boîte n°33, 12 rue Alfred Kastler, FR-71530 FRAGNES.


    For the holders of the Premium card « Gold Card », the digital camping cheques loaded on the card are valid for 4 calendar years, a validity period of two years longer compared to paper camping cheques (or digital loaded on a « Silver Card »). They are not exchangeable.

    In the case where the holder of a "Gold Card" card wishes to exchange paper cheques that expire on 31/12/13, he will have an additional period of one month, up to May 31st, 2014 inclusive, and the complimentary of the exchange fees. They will be extended for 1 further year.

    In case of loss or theft of your Gold Card, the 1st card renewal is free.

    For more details, please see your “Gold Card user instructions 2014” sent out at the beginning of the season, also available at our website: www.campingcheque. com under “Gold Card”.


    The « Holiday Rewards » program will start on the 1st of January 2014. The concept is simple: the more you use your card, the more you are rewarded! Each year, between the 1st of January and the 31st of December, with every twenty five (25) cheques spent with the « Silver Card » or « Gold Card », in the complexes members of the Camping Cheque and Holiday Cheque networks, we offer you one (1) cheque.
    The free cheque can be used in the Camping Cheque and Holiday Cheque networks, with the same advantages and services that paid cheques. The free cheque will have the same validity as a cheque purchased on the same date (i.e. December 31st of the year n +1 for the Silver Card holders and December 31st, n + 3 for Gold Card holders). It will be exchangeable in the same conditions, but is not refundable. A free cheque does not earn "Holiday Rewards" credit. "Holiday Rewards" credits have no monetary value and a free cheque cannot be converted into cash.
    Every January 1st, the "Holiday Rewards" accounts are reset to zero.
    Kawan Group can modify any part of the terms and conditions governing the "Holiday Rewards" scheme including, without limitation, rules for earning credits and the use of free cheques, the complexes in which the free cheques can be used, and this at any time, with or without notice, even though such changes may affect your ability to use "Holiday Rewards" credits or free unused checks you've already earned. Changes may be communicated to you electronically by e-mail, through Camping Cheque and / or Holiday Cheque websites or by other means.
    No closing date has been set for the scheme and it may continue until Kawan Group decides otherwise.Kawan may terminate the program at any time.
    Your continued participation in the scheme shall be construed as acceptance of any changes to the current Terms & Conditions on the use of Holiday Rewards. You have a responsibility to become aware of any changes that Kawan Group may make to the
    current Holiday Rewards Terms of use.
    Kawan Group reserves the right to suspend the participation privileges of any person involved in any fraudulent activity or who uses the "Holiday Rewards" scheme in a manner inconsistent with these Terms of Use. Kawan Group decisions on all questions or disputes of eligibility for the scheme, the gain or use of credits or your compliance with these Terms of use of Holiday Rewards are final.


    Information and images that appear in the directory are provided by campsite managers and are updated in September 2012 for the 2013 season. Despite the care with which we collect information and draw up our directory, Camping Cheque shall not be held responsible for any errors or omissions that may occur.

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