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Who is behind Camping Cheque ?

Logo Kawan Group

A key player on the holiday market and an off season specialist (low and mid season), Kawan Group is now a European leader in outdoor European hospitality.

Specifities of Kawan Group

A young SME in Burgundy, Kawan Group was created by campsite owners who came together in a shared desire to improve their services and to enjoy more influence on the outdoor hospitality market.

Strategy and Goals of Kawan Group

For several years, the world of outdoor hospitality has been in a state of perpetual change. Kawan Group represents the best campsite packages on the European continent with almost 600 campsites currently open. Nonetheless, the Group continues to strive towards its main aim to become a point of reference for holiday makers, offering holidays that are guaranteed to be a success in an environment where comfort, warm hospitality and nature come together.

With the launch of the Camping Cheque off season offers in 1997, then Holiday Cheque in 2001, a Gold Card in 2005 (loyalty and payment card), and, most recently, the launch of the Kawan Villages chain in 2006, the Kawan Group is a catalyst for change on the outdoor hospitality market. Innovation of this type is a dominating feature of Kawan Group culture; each decision is considered for the short, medium and long term, whilst taking into account the impact on the environment.

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